General description: The Parlor Palm is a small indoor palm tree that will be a great addition to any decor. It will blossom in your home or ofice and remove environmental toxins. This tropical plant has been grown as an indoor palm tree since the Victorian era.

This small indoor palm tree has short, slender, cane-like green stems and dark green, arching, feather leaves. The foliage is similar to the Bamboo Palm. It starts flowering when it is small.

Scientific name: Chamaedorea Elegans

Family: Arecaceae

Genus: Chamaedorea

Origin: Mexico

Other names: Good Luck Palm, Neanthea Bella Palm

Maintenance: Low

Light requirements: Bright light to filtered light.

Water requirements: The amount of water depends on the season and the amount of light it receives. Regular watering in the growing season (spring and summer) and rarely in winter. The brighter light the more water it needs.

Humidity: Medium ho high. Mist the foliage regularly.

Soil conditions: Well-drained soils (a mixture of the soil, sand, perlite and peat moss).

Fertilization: Fertilize monthly during the growing season.

Pests and diseases: Spider mites.

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